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Directions of closing a Rolex Watch

When you get something as valuable and legendary as a Rolex watch, you naturally want to ensure it continues to work. It may mean that if something goes wrong, you may be eager to look at it yourself and get it back in working order as soon as possible.
However, this should not be approached with a “figure it out” attitude. Watches are very delicate devices, and Rolex watches are even more so. Knowing how to open a Rolex watch, even if you decide not to, is the key to avoiding disaster.
The best way to close your fake Rolex watch is the same way you opened it but in reverse! If you’re twisting a threaded case-back back into position, ensure it’s as far as it was before loosening. Similarly, don’t over tighten any screws and go slowly to ensure they’re threading correctly.
Any parts that have been removed for cleaning or replacement will need to be put into the correct places. Work slowly and carefully, and don’t cram them back in to get the case back on!
Although some watch owners will feel confident enough in their abilities to repair their watch – and capable they may be – it’s highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced professional for watch repair.
Rolex watch repairs and services aren’t cheap, but they’re still preferable to destroying the insides of your favorite timepiece. If you’ve committed to the investment that buying a Rolex watch represents, it’s wise to protect that investment with proper, correct repairs.
DIY watch repair might seem like an attractive, cost-saving prospect, but a broken watch will be no use to you – and you’ll only need to seek a more extensive repair to undo the damage!
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