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Popular Rolex ‘Batman’ VS Submariner ‘Hulk’ — who is the winner?

When we talk about the epic superhero battles, the Hulk and Batman are a particular pair that fans of the comic book world will always think of it. Will the Hulk’s size and strength overwhelm Batman’s talent and intelligence? The value of stainless steel sports watches has swelled over the years, with models such as the GMT-Master II, Submariner, and Sea-Dweller leading the way. So, what’s so great about these steel timepieces?
Five years ago, GMT-Master II “Batman” was introduced to the world. The GMT-Master II collection was initially designed for pilots. Yet, these watches exude a more sporty vibe than other pilot’s watches today, such as the Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Travel Time and the IWC Big Pilot.
As with all the replica Rolex stainless steel watches, the Batman’s 40mm steel case is made from the Swiss manufacturer’s blend of steel “904L”. This unique metal ensures a polished finish and is resistant to corrosion. Hence, although technically a pilot’s watch, the GMT’s rugged qualities appeal to athletes and travelers worldwide. The stylish blue and black ceramic bezel display a 24-hour second-time zone, giving explorers the confidence to know their local time and the time of their destination. A third blue hand makes it easy for the wearer to decipher the two time zones separately.
The Submariner “Hulk” is another watch that fake Rolex introduced at Baselworld nearly eight years ago. The sporty watch was met with a mixed reception but has since developed a large and loyal following. The green ceramic bezel and dial of the “Hulk” is a refreshingly modern upgrade from its predecessor, the “Kermit,” which showcased a more old-fashioned-looking green aluminum insert. However, that’s not to say that retro is terrible. We all love the classics!
It’s impossible to answer because, like all watches, it depends on personal preference and the features the wearer wants. If you’re more into diving and water sports, the Submariner is more water resistant and has a bezel that allows divers to keep an eye on their immersion time, so it’s probably the better choice.