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Is the luxury dress watch back?

Fratello On Air is back for another hilarious episode. This time, we discuss dress watches and ask if dress watches will make a comeback in the face of all the hoopla. We don’t think so, but there are some caveats. Hang in there – we recorded the show on Friday night after a long week, so it will be great!  
The press is full of formal wear replica watches these days, and we decided to discuss the topic. We all own at least a couple of collared shirts, so we feel we are in a position to decide on whether these watches will make a comeback!” . But first, we returned to our review of the recent Sinn T50 and even brought up the whole “caller” vs. “pilot” GMT debate. A lively discussion begins!
We decided to wear proper watches for this episode, and we picked big names. Balazs strutted into the ballroom with his Omega Cosmic Moonphase, a gold-plated masterpiece with tons of complications. He even crossed his pinky as he wore the watch for tea. Mike was wearing his 1965 Seiko King 4420-9990 when he was strangled by an overly tight semi-Windsor watch. This sparked a discussion about his watch and the donor he purchased with a similar serial number – listen for more details!
Will they really make a comeback? Will people ditch their beloved sports watches for a simple, three-hand dress watch with a leather strap? No, we think it’s premature and talk about why. We also discussed the definition of a formal watch and laughed at the definition, and discussed it. There is also the fact that formal watches have never gone away. But in the end, we like formal watches, but we don’t think they will replace the more functional, “more decent” watches.