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Eterna’s Newest Madison Eight Days Spherodrive replica watch review

Frankly, I’m a passionate lover of many excellent replica watch creations and their particular characters. In my opinion, I think the Eterna replica watch models really are a solid option for mechanical replica watch nerds. Fans know the brand was responsible for launching the most imperative Swiss replica watch movement maker ETA (now owned by the Swatch Group), and their range of other technical additions to the timepiece world such as adding ball bearings to automatic movements. A reminder of this in their brand logo, which shows off the five ball bearings you’d find in the automatic rotor attachment point. Their latest great success is the Spherodrive – a cool name for an improvement on the mainspring barrel that was introduced last year. I am not going to go into much detail on what Spherodrive is here, although I did explain it lengthily (with images) in this article I wrote last year. The complication was released in a Madison watch, and this year Eterna will introduce another Madison replica watch with an 8 day power reserve as well as a Spherodrive complication. This is going to be one long lasting and reliable mechanical replica watches.

The novel Eterna Madison Eight Days Spherodrive timepiece is in steel at 53mm tall and 38mm wide. Case is water resistant to 30 meters and the crystal is sapphire. Different from the original Madison Spherodrive replica watch model that made last year, the mainspring barrel isn’t observable on the dial. Although you do have the time, big date, and disc under window style power reserve indicator. I like how Eterna could have positioned its fancy novel technology in a futuristic watch, but kept with a handsome classic style. The dial is available in silvered, gray, or black. Ticking inside the model is a new movement; the Eterna manually wound Caliber 3510. Price won’t be too crazy (several thousand most probably), and for the money you get a very solidly created piece, with a very wonderful movement, and a traditional style. Presently, this replica watch model is still unavailable. If you are also interested in it very much just like me, let’s wait for it soon.