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Revisiting Opportunities in Softened Watch Markets

In today’s Pre-Owned Spotlight, we delve into the realm of watches that reflect the softened market. Amidst discussions about the pandemic’s impact on the watch market and the surge of investment buyers, secondhand prices skyrocketed to astonishing heights in the spring of 2022, only to plummet thereafter as investors sought an exit strategy. This leaves enthusiasts pondering: Is now the opportune moment to make a purchase? And which watches, previously sought after by investors, have seen significant price corrections?
Examining the trajectory of the watch market reveals intriguing insights. According to data from ChronoPulse, a weighted representation of 140 replica watches peaked in March 2022 at an index of 1,840, only to decline to 1,429 at present—a notable 22% decrease overall. Zooming out to a five-year perspective unveils a gradual rise from 2019 to 2021, followed by steeper increases in early 2021 amid the pandemic. However, a rapid ascent in January 2022 culminated in a subsequent sharp decline, eventually stabilizing at present levels.
Despite the tumultuous peak, projecting an imaginary trajectory based on the 2019-2021 period suggests that the market may be reverting to its previous patterns. The gradual slowdown of the downward trend hints at a potential return to a slow and steady upward trajectory in the near future.
Now, let’s explore specific watches that experienced inflated prices during the peak and have since moderated.
Replica Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570: This pre-owned pick, exemplified by the reference 16570, once soared to heights exceeding €10,000. However, recent listings, such as a 1991 model with a replaced dial and handset, offer opportunities at around €7,150—a notable decrease from two years prior. 1707x_3


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15202ST: The coveted Royal Oak, epitomized by the ref. 15202ST, exemplifies the trophy-watch category that attracted fervent investor interest. Despite commanding prices nearing €140,000 in March 2022, recent listings present a more accessible figure of €69,100—a significant depreciation over two years.
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ref. 2201.50.00: In contrast to its counterparts, the Planet Ocean series from Omega experienced a more moderate price fluctuation. Models like the ref. 2201.50.00, available for approximately €3,075, retain their value proposition within the market, offering competitive alternatives to higher-priced counterparts.
The current landscape presents intriguing prospects for watch enthusiasts. While past trends offer insights, the future trajectory remains uncertain, influenced by unforeseen developments such as shifts in brand strategies and global economic dynamics. As we navigate these uncertain waters, the decision to invest in pre-owned timepieces warrants careful consideration. What are your thoughts on seizing opportunities in the current market? Share your insights in the comments below.