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Meteoric rise to prominence seems unstoppable

While the internet buzzes with comparisons of his style to Princess Diana, Elordi exudes a timeless Hollywood leading man aura reminiscent of icons like James Dean, Paul Newman, and Steve McQueen. And in the realm of high-profile celebrities, adorning oneself with exquisite watches is a hallmark of status and sophistication. 6d3587116432ffddda2877e0621ea6aa-600x400



True to this tradition, Jacob Elordi is seldom spotted without a remarkable watch gracing his wrist. During his SNL monologue, he modestly confessed his comedic limitations while subtly revealing his latest fascination: the Cartier Tank Louis. With its yellow gold case, black lacquer dial, sapphire crown, and alligator strap, this replica watch mirrors Elordi’s own magnetic qualities. Rumors swirl that Sofia Coppola, who directed him in Priscilla, may have influenced his affinity for Cartier’s coveted model, given her reputed association with the brand.

What’s truly intriguing about Elordi’s newfound infatuation is his penchant for pairing his Tanks with both casual and formal attire, a testament to their versatility. His collection extends beyond Cartier, embracing other esteemed brands that elevate his status as a connoisseur of horology.

Elordi’s admiration for cinematic legends like Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen reflects in his choice of fake watches. His Oscars debut featured the iconic TAG Heuer Monaco, famously worn by McQueen in Le Mans, a modern rendition of the groundbreaking 1969 design.

On The Today Show, Elordi flaunted a Cartier Tank Must, showcasing his flair for unexpected elegance with a diamond bezel. His endorsement of the commemorative TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Blue further demonstrates his appreciation for timeless sophistication.

Channeling his character from Euphoria, Elordi embraced the dark side with the TAG Heuer Monaco “Dark Lord,” a revival of a ’70s classic. Despite its initial lukewarm reception, this bold reinterpretation now enjoys renewed popularity.

Yet, amidst these notable pieces, the standout in Elordi’s collection is undoubtedly the yellow gold replica Rolex Bubbleback 6084 from the 1950s. Worn throughout Saltburn under the guise of Felix Catton, this vintage gem symbolizes heritage and timeless elegance, aligning seamlessly with Elordi’s distinctive style.