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Introducing the Longines Heritage Classic Tuxedos

This week, we’ll look at two new additions to the Longines Heritage collection: two pieces inspired by the 1940s, the Heritage Classic tuxedo Chronology and the Heritage Classic Tuxedo Chronology. Both of these new models are inspired by the post-war and then popular industry knob design; It was during this period, by the way, that our theme for last week, “Montblanc Heritage GMT,” was greatly influenced. The new tuxedo subseries is Longine’s second and third fan watches in the past year, following the traditional classic “fan” in the fall of 2019.
In the new Heritage Classic Tuxedo Chronograph, we find a great vintage reissue with modest proportions and, of course, the wonderful two-toned dial from which it takes its name. The chronograph USES possibly highly wear-resistant polished steel — at 40 mm in size, curved lugs at its top and bottom, slightly rounded rectangular lugs, signed crowns, and an uncommon bezel to get a slightly thicker appearance with domed sapphire crystals and a case.
Under the crystal, the vintage-style sector dial is accented throughout with blacks, whites, silvers, and blues. On the outer edge is the first step of the sectoring, with a white tachymetric scale accented in blue, dramatically  transitioning to the first inner sector, now in black. This middle piece of the dial features a printed minute ring produced in a chronograph style, with vintage-style printed Arabic numerals for the hour indices, while two metal subdials for a 30-minute counter and running seconds break up the sector and conjoin it with the innermost area. Finally, central segment, colored off-white, we see the details on the dial, such as the vintage Longines logo towards its top, leaf hands for the hour and minute, and a blue steel hand for the chronograph seconds.
The simpler but still very uncommon Heritage Classic Tuxedo Time-only most likely would strike fans of the brand as rather similar to the previous “Sector” timepiece launched by Longines last year. This model’s polished case opts for a slightly more modest size, 38.5 mm, and features slimmer lugs and a thicker, more modern signed crown on its side. Around the watch’s face is a more traditional, smoothly rounded bezel instead of the stepped style seen on the chronograph, though the crystal protecting the dial is still a vintage-inspired domed sapphire.
On the dial, we found it simpler than the best replica watches, with only two parts. On the black exterior is a simple white-accented minute ring, with a printed faux bronzed Arabic numeral hour mark. Inside, it is the internal department that hosts the second dial toward the 6 o ‘clock position, a retro style Longine logo parallel to the 12 o ‘clock, and a straight sword style hand for the hours and minutes.