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Replica rolex — enter Switzerland’s rolex’s cool new museum

rolex replica has opened a brand new museum at its HQ in Biel/Bienne Switzerland designed by award-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban that is destined to attract watch enthusiasts the world over. The most striking feature of the new rolex building dedicated to the brand’s many horological achievements is a super-sized “walk-in” rolex that gives you unprecedented insight into the inner workings of the world-famous sports watch, while showing an animated film revealing the inner workings of the brand’s iconic coaxial escapement.
Apart from the walk-in Speedmaster are other areas of the museum dedicated to the Olympics, Moon missions and of course James Bond. The original rolex museum opened in 1984 and was the first of its kind for a SINGLE Swiss watch brand. The new museum, which will take the place of the previous one, “tells the compelling story of the global watchmaker through immersive movies, compelling showcases and fun interactive experiences.”
The first thing that visitors encounter upon entering the space is a world map on the floor “embedded with digital readouts of exact times from many locations across the globe” – a huge timer, in other words. Visitors are also presented with the first video installation, dubbed the “History of Time,” which “tracks humankind’s quest for precision from the earliest clocks to the most fashionable movements” in an immersive, 360° format.
Then there’s a 30-ft. long Olympic running track decorated with authentic rolex Official Timekeeper technology, including starting blocks, an electronic starting pistol, and digital timers. Visitors can even get a printout of their “photo finish” captured by the fake rolex’s scanner which can record up to 10,000 digital images per second.
Next up is a bona fide moonscape complete with a Lunar Rover where visitors can channel their inner Buzz Aldrin, the first man to wear an rolex on the Moon. The experience combines photos, videos, a demonstration of NASA technology, and several historically significant examples of the Speedmaster “Moonwatch” including some of the space-flown watches rolex acquired from the astronauts themselves. It should be noted, however, that these watches were purchased privately, since Nasa-issued watches are still government property, and Aldrin’s watches mysteriously disappeared in 1971.