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why the new replica iwc classic pilot popular

famous for chronograph function, the new iwc flieger is as famous as omega speedmaster and rolex Daytona. it is one of the chronographs with the most readable and clean dials available out there, and it has been popular for years. the only thing about this watch that changed ‘recently’, is the diameter of the watch case and the color of the small seconds hand, it turned red. the diameter was 39mm and has grown to 42mm, a bit more into the ‘here and now’ of watches. iwc IMG_1614
the replica sapphire crystal of the iwc also reflects blue glare on these pictures, but that’s because of the anti-reflective coating used. with regards to the case of this watch, as you can see above, the finish is not too dark, just properly to make the watch a bit more hard core tool watch than it already was. the previous blued small second hand doesn’t add anything much, but i think i prefer it over the standard red one.
the major reason for it’s great popularity is because of a clean and closed stainless steel case back. although factory really puts some effort in arranging a better movement, this movement is a work horse. iwc refers to it as their 79320-calibre, based on the famous eta/Valjoux 7750 movement. when wearing this watch, you will immediately recognize it as a ‘7750’ based watch because of the wobble. this wobble is being caused by the heavy spinning in its free direction, as the rotor of this calibre only winds when it is moving in one direction. movements that have a rotor that winds the spring when turning into both directions, don’t have this effect. some people like to feel their replica watches wobbling a bit, others don’t.
the folding clasp has also been finished with the Dlc-procedure as you can see. it is one of the nicest and most comfortable folding clasps on a leather strap i’ve experienced so far. the length of the clasp is just fine for me, shorter clasps tend to stick into the backside of my wrist. the satin brushed finish and polished edges of the clasp perfectly match the watch case.
and there is another thing we should put some attention on — the strap. a very soft and comfortable strap, perfectly suiting the sporty characteristics of the iwc pilot chronograph with Dlc finish.
with such many advantages, is there any other reason you do not like it?